Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week #11

Getting so close to wrapping up my great year of hat making! Just two more orders, which I'm hoping to finish by mid-next week at latest.

I just finished up my last big order, which was a sibling set of color coordinating owls! They're in size child, toddler and baby.

Also, one of the many December babies that have Homespun Dreams' hats waiting for them were born this week. I got a picture of the little darling Arabella wearing her pink minion hat within the first hour she was born!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Week #10

Another week of working on getting through my request list! I had a bit of an accident at my store and ended up having to add another custom order to my request list, which means I need to work on hats a little more than I already was, but I'm still managing to get things crossed off at a pretty good speed. I'm now down to 7 more requests plus a pair of booties that match a hat I'm making.

This week I finished up this adorable girly sock monkey set! I had a bit of leeway to be creative with this one, so I ran with it and added some very adorable touches - the pretty pink flower buttons (which are on the diaper cover, at the end of the braids, and in the middle of the flower) and the pink lining on the diaper cover. 

This Christmasy infant Holly hat was also finished and bought today!

One last hat for the week, here's a baby dino hat!

And we got another happy customer picture this week! This is little Natalee enjoying her purple daisy hat in the chilly weather!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week #9

This week I finished a Pirate Owl hat for a toddler, the two Cowboys Helmet Hats that I've been talking about forever (those stars, I may never make a star out of felt again!), and received a happy customer picture from my Jack Skellington receiver! I can't wait to take pictures of the little Sock Monkey set I'm making for a little girl due in December! So far the little diaper cover is nearly finished of the set.

Just three more weeks to go to get through all of these orders!

Owl Ahoy!

Two little Cowboys:
 (The picture is greatly lacking, unfortunately! These were finished at 2 AM)

Unfortunately more didn't get finished this week. My husband had a week vacation, so of course I decided to take a little vacation too! But now I'm back at full force to attack this request list and get these finished before my baby deadline.

And a little Jack Skellington with his new hat right before Halloween!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #8

This week brings me closer to my second monetary goal for my business. I'm only $76 away from reaching that goal, which is really close.   EDIT: I've now surpassed that goal! Besides that, this was my highest grossing month to date. When originally written, I had surpassed my previous highest grossing month mark by $30. It's now by $170, so I blew that out of the water! It's so great to see my business finally taking off and getting to track each month. As we approach the cut off for making custom made hats (just six more days left), it's nice to try and break a few personal records before the hiatus.

Here's some orders that are going out this week and new hats made:

Another elf hat in baby size, a breastfeeding hat and a Minnie Mouse toddler hat: 

This polar bear hat was sent out this week. Since the pictures didn't upload last week, I'll upload them again here. He's now found his new home awaiting the birth of a little baby girl, and is sleeping next to a little matching pink outfit!

Another hat that got sent off was this awesome hat, Jack Skellington has always been one of my favorites!

I also got pictures this week of  little cutie Lucy enjoying one of her birthday gifts from Homespun Dreams - a super soft Hello Kitty hat!