Friday, November 8, 2013

Week #10

Another week of working on getting through my request list! I had a bit of an accident at my store and ended up having to add another custom order to my request list, which means I need to work on hats a little more than I already was, but I'm still managing to get things crossed off at a pretty good speed. I'm now down to 7 more requests plus a pair of booties that match a hat I'm making.

This week I finished up this adorable girly sock monkey set! I had a bit of leeway to be creative with this one, so I ran with it and added some very adorable touches - the pretty pink flower buttons (which are on the diaper cover, at the end of the braids, and in the middle of the flower) and the pink lining on the diaper cover. 

This Christmasy infant Holly hat was also finished and bought today!

One last hat for the week, here's a baby dino hat!

And we got another happy customer picture this week! This is little Natalee enjoying her purple daisy hat in the chilly weather!

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