Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week #2

I'm starting off this week with an adorable picture from one happy little toddler! Lincoln "the elf" is a two year old looking forward to Christmas - which is when his little brother is due! (Little brother also received some of the Homespun Dream's fun - he got the Rudolph hat and diaper set from last week's picture!)

This week has been BUSY! I had an order from a few weeks ago that I've been working on and I'm finally, finally finished with it! This customer and her husband LOVE the show Firefly, and requested five Jayne hats - enough for the whole family, including a little infant one for their upcoming arrival. Speaking of their upcoming arrival, he got a few more goodies - a little R2D2 hat and a panda set!

But the week doesn't end there! I'm starting on another large order that's not just hats, but baby crochet sacks for photo shoots. My fingers are going to be SORE after finishing up the Santa Sack set, a Hungry Caterpillar set, and two ribbed cable hats, but I've been so eager to do these so I'm super excited! So far, this is what the Santa Sack looks like:

Hoping to get a good portion of this order done this week so I can have it up and listed for next week and move on to the next big order (lots and lots of big orders coming!), this time for a set of triplets! 

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