Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week #1

This week was full of half done orders. I'm spreading myself a bit thin, and I've been so busy that I had a hard time keeping up. The most important order (the one who paid me last week) I did finish and is now ready to ship. Now I'm working on two large orders - one has seven hats and a baby set, and the other has two baby sets and two hats and is continuing to add to that. I'm hoping to get most of the first order completed this week and hopefully at least half of the second. There's so many large order requests right now, which put a lot of pressure on me, but they're fun to do. Once those are completed, I have a special request for triplet sets! That sound be a fun one, two baby girls and one little boy all in almost matching sets.

Here's the order I just finished, for a little two year old boy and his brother coming around Christmas. This is the third or fourth reindeer I've sold and either the fourth or fifth elf hat so far. They're quite popular!

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